This slogan and brand launched by Stockholm Business Region in 2005 is understandably controversial. The Danes and Norwegians call it “Typical Swedish megalomania”. Naturally, there is no such thing as a capital of Scandinavia just as there is no capital of Europe.

The main arguments for Stockholm being the “Capital of Scandinavia”, according to Stockholm Business Region are
• Central – Stockholm is centrally located and is the largest city in Scandinavia
• Business – Stockholm is the economic center of Scandinavia
• Culture – Stockholm sets the tone of arts and culture in Scandinavia

The Nordic market only, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, makes up the 11th largest economy of the world, with a remarkably high level of purchasing power. Looking at a map of the region one can see that Sweden is an ideal location, serving as a gateway to three markets: The Nordic countries (25 million consumers), the Baltic Sea region (100 million consumers) and the European Union (more than 500 million consumers).

A recent report by Stockholm Business region based on an analysis of Forbes Global 2000 companies presence in the Nordic region concludes that among the Forbes Global 2000 companies that have established operations in the Nordic region with regional headquarters, about 64 percent have chosen to locate their regional headquarters in Sweden, 20 percent in Denmark and 8 and 9 percent in Norway and Finland respectively.

Despite the refugee crisis, negative interest rates and some regional housing shortage the Swedish economy is booming this year. Sweden continues to rank as one of the most competitive, productive and globalized countries in the world.

Have you considered setting up a Nordic presence for your business? Would “The Capital of Scandinavia” be your location of choice? Perhaps Oslo or Helsinki would be alternatives to consider as well? The Scandicorp group has a presence and offices in all three cities. Feel free to contact us for further information at