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Consultancy Services

Compliance Support & Statutory Reporting

Running a business in an unfamiliar jurisdiction is often a challenge. Clients can rely on the support of Scandicorp to ensure that the company is managed in a compliant manner and that all Statutory Reporting will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

Re-domiciliation & Exit Strategies

Scandicorp can assist with re-domiciliation and future dissolution plans or exit strategies, giving a suite of solutions to allow you to sell or dispose of your company and assets in a complaint and tax efficient manner.

Trust & Foundations

Scandicorp will help you with any matters related to the set-up and administration of Trusts and Foundations through a sister fiduciary specialist company.

Special Purpose Vehicles

Scandicorp will happily help foreign clients and their legal advisors with the setting up and daily management of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) that may be used for a specific purpose such as risk mitigation, property transactions and partnerships.

Fund Set-Up & Administration Advice

Should you be interested in setting up a Fund or other Collective Investment Schemes in the Nordic countries, or elsewhere in Europe, Scandicorp will guide you through the legal requirements and assist you with structuring, administration and governance.