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Startup Services

Company Formation

Once you have decided to establish a presence in either Norway, Sweden or Finland, Scandicorp will prepare all formalities and paperwork for the registration of your company and liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure that your company will be your company will be operational without unnecessary delays.

Virtual Office Solutions

If your company requires handling of incoming mail, usually addressed to the Registered Office Address, Scandicorp will ensure that it is handled according to your instructions which might imply that it is opened, scanned and forwarded to you by e-mail or simply forwarded by regular mail or courier. Should the activities of your company require a dedicated phone number, either a diversion of incoming calls to phone number of your choice or answered on your behalf can be facilitated.

Corporate Bank Accounts

Scandicorp will be happy to introduce you to local banks and assist with opening of corporate and personal bank accounts in Scandinavia. Scandicorp will guide you through the requirements and procedures and help you find a working solution. In many cases, Scandicorp is entrusted to administer the corporate bank accounts of clients, but due to Internet banking facilities this does not always have to be the case.

Registered Office Address

Your company will need to have a Registered Office Address in the country of registration. Scandicorp can provide you with a Registered Office with a prestigious address within your chosen jurisdiction. Corporate Records are usually required to be kept at the Registered Office Address and we can act as custodian for these other documents.

Tax Registration

In connection with the incorporation of your company, Scandicorp will usually also register the company with the Tax office and depending on the activities of the company we will also ensure that the company is registered for VAT and/or as a local employer.

Nordic Key Professionals

Scandicorp assist clients for basic legal and taxation requirements, for more specific legal and tax requirements Scandicorp can introduce or liaise on your behalf with key professionals. Should your company need an external independent auditor, Scandicorp will to help you in your choice of qualified auditors.

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