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Scandicorp incorporated the Swedish subsidiary of Elevon

A little more than one year ago Scandicorp incorporated the Swedish subsidiary of Elevon and has been assisting with administration and accounting services. We wish here to celebrate Elevon’s growth in Sweden and abroad. Going forward, we hope to continue our support and strengthen our relationship.

Elevon provides tailored project logistics exclusively to the wind industry. In Sweden, Elevon has become a leader in port management and transport solutions to support efficient delivery of wind projects.

We always want to give our clients the best service regardless (almost!) of their core business. It is, however, especially exciting when their core business involves solutions to current environmental issues and aims at improving our collective future.

Here’s to Elevon’s achievements over the past year, their continued success in Sweden and growth in the wind industry!

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Top 12 incentives as to why you should consider England

(This article is a partner collaboration)

If you are considering embarking on an adventure as an international entrepreneur – then England is a great place to establish yourself. Here you can check out the reasons why.

England has always been a popular destination for exports for European companies. It is a huge market, and it paves the way for reaching the whole of the English-speaking market.

By having a presence in England, entry into the English market becomes so much more accessible to you. By establishing a company in the UK, you can also avoid the administrative burden of selling goods outside the EU.

Another important fact to bear in mind is that England is the financial centre of Europe. If you want funding and investors, England is one of the countries with the most opportunities because it is already a growth-generator and trading nation.

Many Scandinavians look to England

3 reasons why England is an important market:

    1. There is access to a huge market of about 65 million people.
    2. You get the best start for internationalisation of the company.
    3. England is one of the most business-friendly countries in Europe and also a financial centre.

Several studies show that Scandinavian entrepreneurs do extremely well in the English market. It is easy to establish yourself, as there are fewer demands than in some other parts of Europe.

9 benefits of an English company


    1. There is no minimum capital requirement
    English companies can be established with a very low share capital of £1.00.
    2. Minimal auditing obligation
    British companies are significantly cheaper to maintain than most European companies. The first set of accounts are filed 21 months after the incorporation of the company.
    3. Shareholder loans are permitted
    4. Lower tax rate (corporation tax has fallen to 19%)
    If you live in England, the tax is around 20%, depending on the size of the amount earned. However, depending on the structure, shares and assets can be placed in an English company instead. Then there is only 19% in tax on the profit. Something worth considering.
    5. You can launch without VAT registration
    There is no requirement for VAT registration until the annual turnover in UK reaches £85,000. If you sell outside the UK to an international market, you do not have to pay VAT.
    6. Director services available
    7. Better creditor protection
    8. England provides large deductions on development costs
    An advantage of establishing a head office of a franchise chain in the UK is that you can obtain large tax deductions on business development and product development.
    9. England is part of The Commonwealth
    The Commonwealth is an association of 54 countries with a combined populace of 2.5 billion people.

This article is a partner collaboration

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Scandicorp launching Corporate Services in Denmark

Scandicorp is proud to announce that we are extending our Range of Services, from now on providing Corporate Services in Denmark. Scandicorp Group is already operating in Sweden, Finland and Norway and we are happy to tell you that we now covering the four largest regions in the Nordics.

“Denmark is an exciting place to do business! Apart from having world-class beer and delicious pastries, Denmark also has an attractive business environment with excellent infrastructure, low corporation taxes and business costs, a stable socio-economy, a highly educated workforce and a flexible labour market.” says Pavel Teplykh, Managing Director of Scandicorp Sweden.

    Services Offered in Denmark:

  • Danish Limited Company (ApS)
  • Danish Resident Directors
  • Accounting Services
  • Payroll Administration
  • Registered Address Services
  • Office Services

Submit a request | Email us for more information

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Welcome to the team Claudia Cantell

We are excited to welcome Claudia Cantell, as Administrative Assistant at Scandicorp.

She joined in mid-September and will be working with us while finalising her law degree. Claudia brings years of administrative expertise both from global corporate services providers and Finland’s second largest bank. She speaks Swedish, Finnish and English and will be working out of the Stockholm office.

Fun fact! Except from being an administrative genius our new team member won the Finnish championships in cheerleading twice and finished second in the World Championships!

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Pavel Teplykh – New Managing Director of Scandicorp Sweden

We are excited to welcome Pavel Teplykh, newly appointed Managing Director of Scandicorp.

Based in Stockholm, Pavel brings over 10 years of experience in the legal field, most recently as Senior Lawyer at a global Corporate Services Provider.

“I’m really pumped up to start delivering at Scandicorp! As this is my first MD appointment I was a bit nervous the first day or so, but I have to say, now three weeks in it feels like home already. Time to roll up the sleeves and get down to business!” Says Pavel Teplykh.

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Expand your business to the Nordics with Scandicorp

Establishing a business in another country, starting a branch or subsidiary, needs careful preparation and specific knowledge of the country. Getting started with registration and submitting an address is not always easy. The threshold will be significantly lower if you request help from Scandicorp.

Says Till Sahlgren, responsible for business development at Scandicorp, located in Sweden, Finland and Norway. We help foreign companies to establish operations in the Nordic market, both large groups and smaller entrepreneurs. It can also be, for example, Finnish companies who want to reach the Swedish market and vice versa.

Register and run your business in the Nordics

It is difficult to administrate the registration process, understand the laws and run a business in a new country. It is a completely new culture with many details to keep track of; to understand different regulations, tax legislation, customs management, corporate information and paperwork. This is where we have our expert competence, emphasizes Till Sahlgren.

It is about creating tailor-made solutions and services in business administration to international companies ready to establish their operations in the Nordics. But it can also be Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish companies that plan to start a branch or subsidiary here in another country in the Nordic region. In most cases, it is a matter of selling services and goods.

Subsidiaries in the Nordic region

We have a large number of European customers within the Nordic region, also from the USA and India. Most of them expanded to Sweden, the Nordic region’s most important and interesting market from an international perspective. This is not a surprise, says Till Sahlgren and points out the fact that Sweden is the Nordic region’s largest economy with very strong consumers. International companies therefore often initiate an investment abroad in Sweden in particular by establishing an office in Stockholm. The same applies to Nordic companies.

Solutions according to the customer’s needs

Some customers are satisfied with the initial help, registering the company and a company address. Others want help with most things until you are running your own office and your own employees. We structure and streamline customers’ operations with a range of administrative services, such as accounting, payroll management, tax and financial statements. We are flexible and put together different solutions according to the customer’s needs and wishes, says Till Sahlgren.

The ambition for the future is continued growth with the establishment of offices also in Copenhagen and that we will thus be comprehensive in Scandinavia.

In collaboration with the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (FINSVE)

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Member of the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Norsk Svenska Handelskammaren Scandicorp

Scandicorp, with offices in both Stockholm and Oslo, is now a member of the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm.

Both Scandicorp and the Chamber of Commerce share a common purpose: to help entrepreneurs and companies in either country to establish a presence in the other country.

Scandicorp is convinced that many Norwegian companies would benefit greatly from neighboring Sweden and vice versa. If you are a Swedish or Norwegian entrepreneur interested in expanding your horizons good ways to start your journey may be to contact Scandicorp or the Norwegian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Scandicorp will happily help you with establishing a presence and provide you with accounting and company management services.

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Member of the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Scandicorp is today a member of the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (FINSVE). The Chamber of Commerce helps especially small and medium sized Finnish businesses in entering the Swedish market. Scandicorp is convinced that many Finnish companies would benefit greatly from a presence in neighboring Sweden. Scandicorp will happily help with company formation and related accounting and management services. Read more about our services

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